After much anticipation, my first collaborative CD with wonderful Belgian pianist, Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort is here! Recorded in the wonderful acoustic of the Akademiezaal in Sint Truiden, this recording presents works by Mendelssohn, Prokofiev and Stravinsky. Available on Etcetera records. Out now for purchase here!

It’s kick off time!! The beginning of this season will be marked with the Het Kamerorkest Brugge signature piece, Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings. Our concerts will launch our new release on Etcetera Records of our disc featuring Tchaikovsky’s Serenade as well as Belgian composer, Rafael D’Haene’s Waar Conraets is Turner,[…]

What a season it has been and what a final production! Julien Libeer, boy do I love his playing! His Mozart was just sublime as was, I may add, Het Kamerorkest Orkest Brugge as a musical partner for this gorgeous piece. David Diamond’s Rounds for strings was a superb finale,[…]

It’s incredible how fast this year has flown by. And now, Season 14/15 is upon us! It’s going to be a truly exciting year. I begin my 4th Season as Artistic Director of Het Kamerorkest Brugge with a season that will feature 4 amazing productions including one with the return[…]

So much has happened since AMERICA!! Our Dances programme was a success with the commissioned composer, Jeroen D’Hoe raving about our playing of his DANCES for solo violin and strings which we interspersed with 4 of Brahm’s Hungarian Dances! We absolutely loved working with him and loved his pieces. Bartok[…]

Well, I must say that the HKO “America” concert series in Brugge, Gent and Antwerp brought some audience members’ heads a’bobbing, feet a’tapping and at the end, onto  to their feet for a well-deserved standing ovation! The American programme is HKO’s most daring to date, including rock, funk, soul, gospel[…]

Het Kamerorkest with Ning Kam returns to Festival Van Vlaanderen at Nederbrakel on October 5th presenting a programme including Mozart’s Divertimento in B flat, Mendelssohn’s innocent Violin Concerto in D, Shostakovich’s Elegy and Polka and our beloved Tchaikovsky Serenade. Bring it on!

I love how German audiences clap and stamp their feet to show their enthusiasm! And I love how German culture is oozing with classical music. Working with Michel Tilkin and the Thuringen Philharmonia in the Mendelssohn Concerto was a wonderful experience and I got to also give the German premiere[…]