15What are our talents for?

Yes, to bring God His due glory for what He created. But what truly gives God His glory, is when we reflect His character in what we do…to others. There are people all over the world who have yet to hear of His Name, who are right this minute living under desperate circumstances.People who would give their right arm for what we completely take for granted. People who don’t have the liberty or luxury to simple everyday things such as eating when they want or however much they want; or going to sleep without the fear of death around the corner in a warzone. Or going to school. Or perhaps they cannot take a walk because they simply do not have any legs to walk with or maybe a disease has overtaken their lives so they are bedridden. These things that can so easily be preventable in our society just seem to these less fortunate like insurmountable obstacles.

We can help. You can help.


Why not?